Octopus is a versatile solution, adaptable to multiple missions, actors, and environments, and agnostic of systems.

Beyond simple mission management, the innovative solution developed by ÆGIR simplifies complex maritime operations and leverages synergy between operators, artificial intelligence, and drone systems to deliver unparalleled performance.

Additionally, it is compatible with a variety of sensors and effectors used in mission execution and interoperable with third-party C2 systems.


Deployed on land or at sea, OCTOPUS, the maritime mission management solution developed by ÆGIR, enables both global and constant mission coverage. OCTOPUS offers four main functionalities :



Decision support algorithms

From mission definition phase to optimal design of the initial setup

Most suitable multi-environments system to accomplish the mission.



A dedicated AI coordinates the actions of different systems

It suggests operations and tasks to be executed according to the mission objectives

It provides planning of actions for each element to ensure the smooth progress of the mission.



Real-time monitoring of mission progress and tactical situation

Control by connecting to different actors and visualizing data perceived by sensors

Leadership by readjusting the initial mission plan based on encountered contingencies: from task reallocation to AI-assisted mission redefinition.



Generate mission reports on demand using data and additional information provided by operators during the mission.

Replay the mission in a virtual environment

Enhance feedback and training.


OCTOPUS is transforming the way we explore the seabed. Utilizing autonomous underwater robots (AUVs), remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and surface vessels, all directed by our intelligent software, hydrographic missions become simpler and more efficient: faster and less costly, they enable the creation of more precise seabed maps.

Hydrographic Exploration

Hydrographic Exploration

Creation of Underwater Atlases

OCTOPUS enables precise and efficient exploration of the seabed, utilizing devices consisting of surface drones (USVs) and underwater drones (AUVs).

With this solution, research missions are faster and provide high-quality images and data of wreck sites. It also helps to reduce operation costs, making underwater exploration more accessible.

Underwater Exploration

Underwater Exploration

Wreck Search

Facing the increasing threats to underwater cables, vital for global communication, our surveillance solution is revolutionizing maritime security.

By combining the use of radars, sonars, and optical sensors mounted on surface drones (USVs), underwater drones (AUVs), and aerial drones, this integrated approach enables continuous and precise surveillance, thereby reducing the risks of attacks and damages. Missions are faster, the collected data is of higher quality, all at a reduced operational cost.

Industrial Security

Industrial Security

Advanced Protection of Submarine Cables

Our software solution optimizes operational efficiency in regulated maritime zones, enabling precise and continuous surveillance and protection of the areas involved with optimal reaction speed.

Using all available platforms and accessible data, OCTOPUS analyzes collected data in real-time and suggests a set of actions to the tactician to ensure zone defense.



Zone Interdiction

OCTOPUS operates within the framework of Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. Equipped with optical and thermal cameras, surface (UUV) and aerial (UAV) drones are coordinated by our software solution to conduct rapid and precise searches over vast maritime and coastal areas.

OCTOPUS proposes optimal trajectories following the triggering of an alert or the reporting of a breakdown, thereby maximizing the success chances of rescue missions.

Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Search and Rescue

About Us

ÆGIR, a startup in software, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence, develops a maritime mission management solution that involves complex, multi-agent devices at sea for defense, security, research, and industry missions.

Our Mission

At ÆGIR, we share a commitment to excellence and a passion for addressing tomorrow's maritime challenges. Together, we develop technological solutions that recognize and value the essential role of humans in maritime missions, paving the way for a future where technology and human expertise sail in harmony. By providing cutting-edge solutions, we aim to make complex maritime operations safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

The Founders

Mikaël Volut - CEO

Nicolas Bordet - General Manager

Yann Volut - CTO

Matthieu Vanicat - CSO





Company creation




Labeling of the 4MUST project (Mission Management for Multiple Marine and Underwater Systems and Technologies) by the PMBA




First pre-seed fundraising validating the interest shown by Venture Capital in the solution developed by ÆGIR




The 4MUST project, led by ÆGIR and its partners RTsys and ABYSSA, was selected in the CORIMER 2023 call for projects of the France 2030 program.



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